Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sharon: Number 16

That's what we are in line at the bank right now, and they're on 94. In the past hour they've done 8 people, so now we're down the street, waiting in the Internet cafe.

I put all of our money eggs in one basket, knowing that ATM's have spread around the world, figuring that if there are three or four places around Montezuma with Internet access, that an ATM was a sure thing. Well, the ATM apparently is working, but it's not accepting PLUS cards (despite the big PLUS logo on it). So we're cashless, dependent on the bank where we can get cash using our credit cards.

Otherwise, all is well! Leave comments, people, so I know you're out there!

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Rick said...

We're here! We find ourselves anxiously awaiting the next installments!

Give my nephews big hugs and kisses from me!