Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Since we're getting some errands done in Cobano, I have time to upload photos. This is Khal and Asan's house. Our "wing" is on the left, theirs is on the right, and the living area is in the middle.

Here's the view from my yoga mat (in the living room) at 5:30am:

This is the lightening-fast section of their driveway:

Here are the kids at the dining room table:

Jules surveys the ocean on his first day there. This scene would be impossible to capture now, since he takes off toward the water faster than we can strip the clothes off of him.

Here's my favorite, of Fiona and Liam in their school uniforms on the second day of school:

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Christina Sell said...

Sharon- this looks amazing. What a great adventure you and your family are on. I am psyched for you.

I totally related to the garbage thing from being in India. Seeing their relationship to trash and so on was enough to make me feel that our whole "green movement" of which we are so proud here in the states is simply too small of a gesture to make any real difference.

Anyway- in some ways they were less of a conusmer, throw-away culture than us and in other ways they were more so. Very different at any rate.

Love to you. I will stay tuned to your journey when I can. I am home and gearing up for a busy life, but I feel inspired by the time away so I have plenty of fuel.

Enjoy yourself and take care. See you upon your return.

love, Christina