Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Max: The Compound

With the long, very bumpy, near-mile driveway that leads to our quarters, I can’t help feeling like we’re in some war movie, driving a jeep through jungle terrain to get to the spot where strategies are sorted and bodies are healed. Once we climb the rockiest part of our driveway in first-gear four-wheel-drive, we finally end up on level ground and the roof comes into view. This feeling is reinforced by the screams and yelps you can suddenly hear coming from the house, with four little monkey kids running around like soldiers on shore leave.

Of course with beaches and coffee and monkeys all around it doesn’t exactly feel like war, but I like to think we’re roughing it out here. Even if that just means we get knocked around inside our car and have to descale our own fish from time to time.

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