Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sharon: Final Photos

Well, 10 days after we arrived home, and I'm getting around to uploading pictures. It's probably testimony to the wonderful time we had that we don't have tons and tons to share; we were really busy just living it all. People keep asking, "How was your vacation?" and I never know how to answer. It was awesome, but it wasn't a vacation. It was life in Costa Rica (which was awesome!).

The follow-up question is usually related to whether or not we're happy to be back. I think it tells you everything about our feelings for Austin to know that after spending five weeks in the amazing, beautiful jungle of Costa Rica, with wonderful friends, we're happy to be back. And it's not just that relief-that-we're-home-in-our-own-house kind of happy, either. Austin sure is great.

On that note, here are some of the photo highlights from the last month:

Here's Liam and Fiona eating chicken feet, and really happy about it, too:

The day we went horseback riding, Emilia and Jules bonded:

Liam and I both loved it, and ended up going again later in Puriscal.

Jules finally gave in to Elana's affections:

And Liam and Fiona were so sweet together:

Max, that wild man, with sugar cane for us all to gnaw on:

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